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You are not the only one?
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"I have been using Bioque products for two weeks, and my skin has completely changed. Martin, my husband, said something about it the other day, and again this morning—this from a guy who can't tell if I've had my hair colored and cut, ever. We both think it's taken years off of me. The quality of my skin's tone, texture, and fine lines is now smooth, plump, firm... simply younger! Really, I can't believe it. Thank you so much." - Mary, 32
"With Bioque, my skin feels more refined and has this natural glow. It goes on really light so it feels like you barely have anything on your face, but the effects of even a tiny amount are really noticeable. I've been using the products only two weeks, and I can see a real reduction in my fine lines. And I have this healthy look all over." - Jenny O., 29
"It feels like I'm wiping away the wrinkles!" - Diane, 41
"I've been using the following Bioque products for the past 4 weeks: C-Plus, Formula 9, Gentle Purifying Facial Cleanser, and Serum XL. After only this short period of time, all my friends are telling me how young I look (I just turned 59 last Thursday), and a 30-year old woman I met last week couldn't believe I was older than 42. Thank you, this really means so much!" - Saryl, 59
"I have not tried such a great skincare line in a long time. I actually feel and see an amazing difference in my skin, and being over 40 that is a fantastic find! Then to learn there is no testing on animals and a portion of the proceeds go to cancer research, I feel like I found a true treasure. I'm hooked!" -
Giselle, 44
"Just wanted you to know how thankful I am for your products. Within 5 days I could see a difference in my skin. After spending hundreds if not a thousand dollars over the last several years looking for a product that works I have finally found them at last. People are actually complementing me on my skin, my face feels wonderful, looks wonderful, and my hands are no longer dry and are even starting to look younger, so once again than you sooooo much. Your product is well worth the money and I will forever be ordering it and telling everyone I know about it. I just trashed all my other products!" - Carole T., 47

A recent review of Lancome, comparing it to Bioque.

Lancome is as Good as Bioque!
5 stars
Good product
Very Expensive
The Bottom Line
Great stuff to use along with Bioque, although a lot more expensive.

Before trying it, I had heard that Lancome is as good for wrinkle reduction as Bioque Cosmetics. The Hollywood makeup artists that I know all use both Lancome and Bioque. I think they are about equally split on which of these products is better.
I know Lancome is more expensive but I have tried both as have other working actresses and we like Bioque better because it works about the same and is a lot nicer to use and less expensive.
I think both are worth using on a regular basis and would recommend Lancome to any Bioque user and vice versa. One place that Bioque seems to have a clear advantage is if you are getting or thinking of getting botox injections, Bioque is the clear favorite because it.. makes such expenditures unnecessary. Another factor: The same amount of Lancome as Bioque's $45 rejuvenating cream costs me about $85...almost twice as much but (sigh) I need all the help I can get in front of the cameras.

Amount Paid (US$): 85. for 2oz. Fragrance: Barely noticeable scent

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