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Q1: Does Bioque ship worldwide?
Absolutely! We ship anywhere in the world.

Q2: Does Bioque do any animal testing?
No. Bioque has never - and will never - do any animal testing. We use only the best, safest, cruelty-free ingredients, regardless of cost.

Q3: Do Bioque products contain any parabens?
No. Parabens have some risks (here's a brief Wiki explanation), and we believe in using only the safest ingredients. While parabens are not banned by the FDA, we do not believe it is worth the risk to use parabens when there are safe, effective alternatives available.

Q4: Are your products noncomedogenic?

Q5: I'm new to Bioque. Where should I start?
If you're new to our products, we recommend trying one of our specially priced combinations. The Bare Essentials Combo is a great introduction to Bioque's skin care system.

Q6: Do your products need to be used along with suncreen?
We highly recommend using makeup with a SPF or the application of a sunscreen product which is acceptable for your skin.

Q7: How long are your products good for?
These products have a shelf life of eighteen months. Once opened, they should be used within a twelve month period.

Q8: What is the best skin care regimen for those over forty?
Start with the Cleanser, Serum XL and Serum Rejeuvenaté and one of the moisturizers. These products will help you maintain beautiful skin.

Q9: I am in my early thirties and not yet worried about wrinkles but I am too old for acne, what is the best skin care regimen among your products?
Start with the Cleanser, Serum XL and Serum Rejeuvenaté and one of the moisturizers. These products will help you maintain beautiful skin. The C-Plus Moisturizing Cream is a very luxurious cream using by younger women and men who want to maintain the suppleness and firmness of their skin.

Q10: Do you have a seperate eye cream that should be used?
Eye Restore was designed specifically for the areas around your eyes. However Serum XL is gentle enough to be used on the eye area.

Q11: Can your products be used on parts of the body other than the face; i.e. the backs of hands?
Yes. People often forget our hands give away our age as well as show damage caused by the same factors as our face, so any of the products used on the face may be used on the hands, or other parts of our body as needed.

Q12: What is the best way to use your products to adapt to changing seasons?
Pay attention to your skin. If you are in a colder or dryer climate you may need extra moisturizing, if you notice globules of product on your skin, you may need to use less of the product than before.

Q13: What is the best combination of products to use for oily/dry/normal skin?
Everyone's skin is differnt. What may be successful for one, may not be for another. It is best to start out with the Cleanser and Serum XL. Use there products twive daily for 2-3 days to make sure there are no adverse reactions, then add one product to this regimen for a 2-3 day period to again confirm no adverse reaction. You will see which products works best and in what combination for you.

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